Hackable Cities is an ongoing research initiative that explores how the way we work is rapidly reshaping our cities. The research initiative specifically explores how we can hack and repurpose both the ubiquitous office building and the city itself.

I worked on the project from its conception, through its design and proposal phase, and finally current state online. Sorting through thousands of images, pieces of research, and diagrams, I acted as a designer, editor, and storyteller.

In its current state, Oliver Smith and I designed and build a web presence for Hackable Cities which would profile a year's worth of research from nearly twenty offices.

The website is an ongoing project that is viewable online at www.hackablecities.com.

The Hackable Cities website uses full-screen imagery and large, bold text to clearly and simply summarise a large wealth of research for the general public. 

Hackable Cities' clear and simple approach to storytelling.

Hackable Cities' full screen images show off work and transport the viewer through each proposal.

The use of embedded and stylised Google Maps allows for a better understanding of the proposals. 

By exploring so many different cities, each with their own local histories, challenges, evolving trends, and future planning goals, Hackable Cities is able to identify an initial list ofthirteen unique connections connecting many of the seventeen different cities. 

As Hackable Cities continues to grow in the coming months and years, with additional research and actual built projects that can be considered Hackable, we expect this list to rapidly grow with new categories and newly discovered links.

An embedded map allows visitors to visualise and explore connections between various cities, themes, and issues.

A large panel at the start of each city introduces the visitor to the city and allows for the quick movement to three categories within each city.

  Hackable Cities is responsively designed for mobile devices.

Hackable Cities is responsively designed for mobile devices.