The city of Flint, Michigan recently held a competition to design a temporary summer pavilion in the middle of a large parking lot in the city's downtown corridor. Our team designed a flexible and interactive structure made of lycra and zippers that would allow visitors inside of the pavilion the ability to control spaces by the act of zipping and unzipping walls.

This was a collaborative project with Andres Lemus and Ashley Wendela.

The title of the project, Those of the Imagination and Those of Life, is borrowed from Italo Calvino's "If On a Winter's Night a Traveler". 

Mapping land in Flint, Michigan that the local government considers vacant or with extreme structural concern

Parks (green) and in-use housing (blue) in Flint, Michigan

Overlaying of the negatives and positives.

In lieu of writing a traditional project description we wrote a poem about the ephemeral qualities of the space.