Jumpometer Sketches

The Jumpometer (needing rebranding/rename!) is a new project between Oliver Smith and Michael Pecirno with Moreno Solinas + Igor Urzelai.

The aim of the project is to create a trampoline in which audience members can jump on during theatre breaks. The trampoline have an embedded sensor in which the participant's jump speed and strength are recorded. These values are then relayed to two visual and auditory outputs.

The strength and occurrence of the jumps will be displayed in realtime through a diffused LED strip, circling the trampoline. Additionally, the jump information will be used to control the playback speed of the theatre's background music.

By creating an interactive and playful trampoline for audience's members to participate with, we expect users to become more engaged in the physical movements of the performance.



The above section is a 3D model with comment. Use your left mouse button to pan and scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Select the square icon on the right to view comments for the project