Michael Pecirno and Erin Borrenson created an environment of reflection from over 2,000 reclaimed paper tubes. The tubes were stacked offset from one another to create an interesting and expressive form. Mounted into the paper tubes were multiple fluorescent blue acrylic circles which were arranged into the phrase 'You are Beautiful'.

The You Are Beautiful project and the exhibition were featured on a segment of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.

Special thanks to: Chicago Paper Tube & Can Company, Tafhim Rahman, Carrie Allen, Anna Jonsson, Tomomi Suwa & Levi Borreson.

Detail of the wall and early messages being shared.

Black lights were used to glow the etched fluorescent plexiglass messages.

Visitors were encouraged to share messages on the cardboard tubes and plexiglass circles.

The You Are Beautiful wall was included the You Are Beautiful exhibition, As you are: A Decade of You Are Beautiful, which was located in Chicago's Green Exchange from January to May of 2013. 

Construction and fabrication of the delicate twist of the wall.

Messages being shared on the wall.